Big Rose Cake for Valentine’s & Mother’s Day – with recipe & video

Big Rose Cake for Valentine’s & Mother’s Day – with recipe & video

A few years ago, I saw a friend posted these big rose cakes in Facebook.

Wow! They were so pretty!

This can be a special Valentine’s day or Mother’s day gift. Do you think so??

Thus, I tried to find recipe and video instructions.

Out of my surprise, it is quite difficult to find. Fortunately, I found two for sharing with you. Hope you like that!

Below is related video instructions (in Chinese). There is a recipe at the end of this video. I have translated it into English for your reference.


15 cm Sponge Cake
Egg                      100g
Water                   25g
Sugar                   40g
Vanilla Oil           2 drops
Cake Flour            50g
Sponge Cake S.P. 10g
Baking Powder     1/8 tea spoon
Salt                       1/16 tea spoon
Evaporated Milk  10g
Unsalted Butter    20g

Strawberry Yogurt Mousse
Strawberry Taste Jelly 5g
Gelatin                         4g
Sugar                           5g
Vanilla Oil                  1 drop
Water                          10g
Strawberry Puree        55g
Whipping Cream (whipped) 100g
Yogurt                                   45g
Cherry Wine                         5g


I also find another video in English.

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14 No-Oven, Easy and Cute Halloween Party Food Ideas

14 No-Oven, Easy and Cute Halloween Party Food Ideas

Introduce 14 Halloween Party food to you. They are all:

– easy to make (children can help to make together),

– no need to use oven,

– healthy,

– and cute ( I don’t like to make scary things for children)


1. Apply Candyfloss Mouth & Teeth


2. Mummy Toast


3. Apple Monster


4. Witch Hat


5. Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs


6. Strawberry Ghost


7. Spook Cookies


8. Cheese broom


9. Tombstone sandwich


10.  Clementine and Celery Pumpkins


11. Oreo Spiders

(positively splendid)

halloween party food snack


12. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

halloween party food recipe


13. Marshmallow Eyeballs

halloween party food recipe


14. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins

halloween party food recipe


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Sugar Painting

Sugar Painting

In Easter holiday, we saw a special art or craft in a shopping mall.

That is sugar painting!

We saw the artist boiled the sugar into liquid.

Then drew different things with small tools.

That is amazing!

When I go home, I try to find some related video.

Below video is in Chinese, but you can still understand how the artist draw pictures with tools.


When I use keyword ‘Sugar painting’ to search more videos, I found some even more amazing artworks.

That is traditional Chinese sugar painting – peacock.

Chinese sugar painting – dragon

Hope you like them too!


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