What a pretty Big Rose Cake for Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day!!

A few years ago, I saw a friend posted these big rose cakes in Facebook.

Wow! They were so pretty!

This can be a special Valentine’s day or Mother’s day gift. Do you think so??

Thus, I tried to find recipe and video instructions.

Out of my surprise, it is quite difficult to find. Fortunately, I found two for sharing with you. Hope you like that!

Below is related video instructions (in Chinese). There is a recipe at the end of this video. I have translated it into English for your reference.


15 cm Sponge Cake
Egg                      100g
Water                   25g
Sugar                   40g
Vanilla Oil           2 drops
Cake Flour            50g
Sponge Cake S.P. 10g
Baking Powder     1/8 tea spoon
Salt                       1/16 tea spoon
Evaporated Milk  10g
Unsalted Butter    20g

Strawberry Yogurt Mousse
Strawberry Taste Jelly 5g
Gelatin                         4g
Sugar                           5g
Vanilla Oil                  1 drop
Water                          10g
Strawberry Puree        55g
Whipping Cream (whipped) 100g
Yogurt                                   45g
Cherry Wine                         5g


I also find another video in English.



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