We bought some colorful papers for quilling in the last summer holiday for my son’s school art project.

After finishing the project, there were still some papers left.

Thus, I tried to do my first quilling project.

I felt exciting about that. I like doing crafts so much!!

Below is my first project – a bunch of flowers for Mother’s Day. How is it?

quilling flower

quilling flower

To start quilling, I know I need a small needle like tool.

I don’t want to buy. I just made a similar tool with a long stick which is used for preparing party food previously.

(Forget to tell you, I like baking cakes too. I will share with you later)

quilling flower

quilling flower

quilling flower

As a beginner, I think that quilling is quite difficult.

I want to quill petals in the same shape originally. But it is impossible though I had used the same length of paper and same tool to quill them.

Also, I found that making the paper into perfect curves is not easy. Maybe my tool is not good enough. Or I need to practise more.

Next time, I think I can quill the paper stripes in a more compact way. The colors will be more attractive if I do that.


Tell you a secret! I like doing crafts so much!!

I like making unique jewelry. I joined wire jewelry lessons.

I also like drawing pictures. I learned that for about 10 years when I was a kid.

I like to watch all kind of craft videos, such as felt flowers, quilling, sewing, pyography, etc.

But I am not rich. I cannot afford to buy so many craft supplies to do all these things, especially sterling silver wire for wire jewelry.

Thus, I open a shop called Shine Kids Crafts (www.shinekidscrafts.com). So that I can buy and do my crafts, and then sell them.

Come and have a look at my shop from time to time. I will list all my sterling silver wire jewelry that I made in lessons in a very low price.

I like to make wire jewelry. But I seldom wear any jewelry. Isn’t it strange?


For more Mother’s Day craft ideas, pls go to my Pinterest:




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