Free Printable Thank You Card is here for you.

Corona Virus is spreading all over the world. We have to stay at home.

During quarantine, instead of wasting time, I decide to learn new skills. That is calligraphy.

Though we can stay home safe, medical staff can’t.

So I design a thank you card to say thanks to them first! Hope every medical staff is safe and the virus will pass away soon.


I prepared a few versions of the card, so that you can choose one that is suitable for you.

Just right click on the image, save it to your computer and you can print it out.

It is a JPEG file with size 4 x 6 inches approx. If you need a bigger size, you can use insert picture function in Powerpoint or Words.

All files are FREE and you are welcome to share with your friends.

free printable thank you card


In the version below, you can write the recipient and message yourself and fill in your favorite colors for the hearts.

free printable thank you card

The version below provides you pencil sketches of the words only, so you can design the color of the words and remaining part of the card.

free printable thank you card

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