Free Printable Fathers Day Coloring / Card – Bear Family


I try to draw a fathers day coloring page with bear family.

Feel free to print it out for kids coloring.

You can write the names of bears under their big bottoms to make it a personalized Father’s Day card.

And you can let your kids to design the background.


If you want to have a coloring page with more little bears, please feel free to tell me at my Facebook Page, I can draw and send them to you for free!


The bears are looking at the sunset? the sea? or anything that kids can imagine.

bear father day coloring

The front side of the bear family. Hugging together, so sweet!

bear father day coloring


I leave the background and the face or details in blank, so that kids can draw their faces, paws or add a tie or bow for daddy. Also, kids can write what they want on the card.

bear father day coloring


How to print it out?

  1. Put the mouse on the image, right click and choose ‘save image as’ (please save it to your computer and print) ** If use this method, the coloring page is around 13.5 x 10.5 cm. If you want to have a bigger coloring page, use method 2 below.
  2.  Put the mouse on the image, right click and choose ‘copy image’. Then paste it on Words or Powerpoint file. Adjust to the size that you like and print.
  3. If you want to print on half of a paper so that you can fold it like a card, choose horizontal for page setup and then paste it to one side of the paper.


More bear father’s day cards here:

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