It is a good idea to make some paper flowers for your mom on Mother’s Day.

You can make them with recycle papers like egg cartons, newspapers or old books.

You can also make them with coffee filter, cupcake liner, tissue rolls, tissues and paper plates.

You can make a bunch of flowers, a card with flowers on them, a flower tiara or gift wrapping with flowers for your mother.

Below are simple but pretty ideas that age 7-12 kids can make.

1. Egg carton

1.1   These tulips are so pretty! It is clever to use buttons to decorate the centres of the tulips. Using a long tissue roll as the vase is also a great idea!

1.2   I myself love Daisy so much. Purple is also my favorite color. Love this!

1.3   Simple to make roses

credit: Tarjetas in Pinterest

egg carton flower

2. Newspaper / old book

2.1   Wrapping gift with paper roses looks so elegant!

2.2   This flower is made by folding method, very special!

2.3   Applying some water color around edge of petals makes the flowers looks much special!

book flower

3. Coffee filter

3.1   You can dye any color that you like with coffee filter.

3.2  Apply water color at the edge also looks great!

coffee filter flower


4. Cup cake liner

4.1   Cup cake liner is easy and cheap to buy. And there are a lot of color and pattern choice. Good to use to make paper flowers!

4.2   It is creative to make a tiara for your mom. Take some photos with that on her head. She must like!

4.3   This card is very attractive. I love it at the first sight!


5. Tissue roll

5.1   No need to buy any paper. Just use the tissue rolls can make a lot of pretty crafts.

5.2   This one is very creative. We only need to cut strips on both sides of the tissue rolls!

5.3   Stop flowing away the empty tissue rolls. Can’t believe that they can be made into roses.

tissue roll flower


6. Tissue

6.1   This is my work. I used Kitchen tissue that used for drying up food or hand. How do you think about this??

Mother’s Day Card made by Kitchen Tissue

6.2   Tissue flower in brilliant color. That is so attractive and pretty!

tissue flower

6.3   Using pipe cleaner as the stem is great! We can curve the shapes that we like easily!

tissue flower

7. Paper plate

7.1   This rose is easy to make but very pretty!

7.2   I love the centre part of the sunflower! It is made by painting bubble wraps.

7.3   It is so special to use weaving method to decorate the centres of the flowers!


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