Stamping, an easy kids crafts, which can be used as kids party activity.

I like stamping arts. Simple stamps can make a pretty picture easily.

For example, stamping a leave stamp repeatedly can make a pretty tree.

Stamps can be used on paper or even fabric if we use fabric colors.


Below are some easy to get materials which can be made into stamps for kids crafts. Some of the ideas are so creative!

Click the titles to access instructions in related websites.


1. Salt Dough Stamp

The original idea is to make the stamp for cookies. But I think this can be used for stamping pictures too.

2. Bubble Wrap Stamp

Love this color, so pretty! I always want to buy this color for my crafts. But this color seems very difficult to find.


3. String / Rope Stamp

Using string can make any shape we like easily. This idea is so creative!


4. Kitchen Tissue Stamp

I do not aware that there is pretty pattern on the kitchen tissue before.


5. Cork Stamp

This one may need parents’ help to cut the shapes.


6. Straw Stamp

Can make firework or flower patterns.


7. Button Stamp

If the button surface is flat, the stamp pattern should be good.


8. Sponge Stamp

This one can be made by kids easily.


9. Bottle Cap Stamp

Use some imaginations, we can use bottle cap stamps to make snowman, tree, flower, caterpillar, etc.


10. Plastic Bottle Stamp

The bottom of the plastic bottles looks like flowers. What a good idea!


11. Pencil Eraser Stamp (no cut)

You can make good pictures without cutting the pencil eraser. Just use brilliant colors and paper to mask the shape that you want.

(You can find the blank puzzles here:


Pencil Eraser Stamp (cut heart shape)

This may need your parents’ help as the pencil eraser is so small.


12. Fruit Stamp

gift 16


13. Vegetable Stamp

The green pepper gives a stamp in special shape!

Regular or sweet potato stamp

I tried to carve potato in arts lesson when I was a kid. That was funny!


14. Flower Stamp


15. Leave Stamp


16. Q-Tip Stamp


17. Styrofoam (cut out shape)

It is a great idea to use the Styrofoam stamps on empty packaging tape tube!


18. Styrofoam (by scratching)

This idea is easy and creative! Love it!




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