Easy Paper X’mas Tree origami for kids

Easy Paper X’mas Tree origami for kids

Easy paper X’mas tree origami is always popular for kids.

They can make small paper X’mas trees as ornament or bookmark.

They can also use big color papers to make a tall X’mas tree for decorating.

Believe it or not. You can make one with similar height to a 5-6 year old kid.


Below is an easy and cute X’mas tree. I like the star on top. That is made from the same paper,  amazing!


Below is another easy folding method.

As this tree has flat base, it can stand firmly itself.

If you use big and thicker color papers, you can make a big X’mas tree with height similar to a 5-6 year old kid.

As shown in the image, the taller tree is 110 cm and the shorter one is 55 cm tall. The left tree used 6 pieces of big color papers (for decorating poster board) sticking together.

credit: shouyihuo.com

origami X'mas tree paper

If you use small paper and a string, you can make ornaments.

paper x'mas tree

Video instructions for this tree


Below is the third folding method.

Also, simple and cute!


Video instructions:

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