Fold Paper X’mas Tree – with template & easy

Fold Paper X’mas Tree – with template & easy

I found an easy folding X’mas tree in the internet. That is simple and cute.

Some bloggers provided templates. But those templates are not good enough because different people may have different preference on the number of layers of the tree.

Only one template provided cannot give us the choice of layers of the tree.

Thus, I prepared the below template for you and will teach kids how to fold different trees with the help of protractor.

paper xmas tree (PDF File here)

paper xmas tree

(or, you can right click the above image, save to your computer and print it out.)

Note: The tree that you make by the above template is about 11 cm tall.


Steps are as follows:

  1. Draw a circle with string & pencil or a compass
  2. Cut out the circle and fold it into half
  3. Mark a point as the tree top. As I tried, 1/3 of radius away from the center is the best.
  4. Use protractor to measure angles.

If you want to have a  3-layer tree, which is wider and more cute. You should measure 60 degree angles (i.e. 180 degree / 3). (the upper circle of the above template.)

fold x'mas tree

If you want to have a  4-layer tree, which is taller. You should measure 45 degree angles (i.e. 180 degree / 4). (the lower circle of the above template.)

fold x'mas tree

If you want to have a  5-layer tree, which is narrower and taller. You should measure 36 degree angles (i.e. 180 degree / 5) .


On the right hand side of the above template, there are different shapes.

You can print the whole page on different colors of A4 papers.

Cut the right part out, and fold according to the dotted lines.

Then cut the shapes you want and you can get 6 pieces of the same shape easily.

Or, you can just print it on white A4 paper. Cut the shape that you want and staple onto different color papers (as shown in the image below.)

fold x'mas tree

Then you can cut a few pieces of same shape quickly.

For small circles, you can use a hole punch to help you.


This simple folding X’mas is great.

If you fold small X’mas trees, you can use them as bookmark or ornament after adding a string on top.

If you fold a bigger one, you can use it as a X’mas card. You can write your greetings inside the tree and put into an envelope.

This can even be used as decorations on school’s poster boards. That must be amazing!

If you like, you can add some decorations on the tree as below. But I think that just plain folding tree is already very pretty!

fold x'mas tree

fold x'mas tree


For more Christmas craft ideas:

Easy Paper X’mas Tree origami for kids

Easy Paper X’mas Tree origami for kids

Easy paper X’mas tree origami is always popular for kids.

They can make small paper X’mas trees as ornament or bookmark.

They can also use big color papers to make a tall X’mas tree for decorating.

Believe it or not. You can make one with similar height to a 5-6 year old kid.


Below is an easy and cute X’mas tree. I like the star on top. That is made from the same paper,  amazing!


Below is another easy folding method.

As this tree has flat base, it can stand firmly itself.

If you use big and thicker color papers, you can make a big X’mas tree with height similar to a 5-6 year old kid.

As shown in the image, the taller tree is 110 cm and the shorter one is 55 cm tall. The left tree used 6 pieces of big color papers (for decorating poster board) sticking together.


origami X'mas tree paper

If you use small paper and a string, you can make ornaments.

paper x'mas tree

Video instructions for this tree


Below is the third folding method.

Also, simple and cute!


Video instructions:

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