This time is simple drawing of Princess dress. Girls must like.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to draw Princess dress.

But I was not good at drawing human body. When I drew human body, sometimes the arms were too long. Or, sometimes the head was too big. That was so ugly.

And no need to say, I could not design the dress myself properly.

I think some kids may have the same problem. Thus I design this coloring page.

With light colored black lines, kids can see the human body and the basic shape of the dress.

As the lines are light in color, kids can cover them with their own design easily. Hope that you like this!

Below is the blank dress page for designing. You may not see the lines clearly by eyes on computer. But when you print it out, it is just like drafting with pencil.

To print the following pages out, please put the mouse on the image, right click and save it to your computer first.

draw princess dress

Below is the Princess dresses that I designed for kids coloring.

princess dress coloring

Below is the video of drawing.



I tried to design a Princess Dress, add the head with photo and made it into acrylic keychain. 

If you are interested in such custom keychain, please go to:

acrylic photo keychain

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